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Owner Reggie & Drō

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Welcome to Reggie & Drō, a Flagship Cannabis Store & Social Club with Retail Flower Showroom, Jar Bar and 🔥🔥🔥 Smoking Lounge for Onsite Consumption of Consumable Hemp Products located deep in the ❤️‍ heart of Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX.  Members* can now see 👀 and smell 👃 “Za Za” exotic, gas, fire, fuego flowers of  “Cannabis sativa L” PASSED AS INDUSTRIAL HEMP 🌺 straight out of jars, purchase by the gram or ounce, and  smoke 💨 or consume as you like, inside a safe, legal, cool space.  I curate a menu of the finest hemp flower from across the United States and around the world.  Come see, smell, taste and experience pure freedom for yourself!  

Plus, as a Member, you get a FREE gram of Reggie and a FREE Gram of Drō (your choice!).  Yes, you get a FREE Membership and FREE LEGAL WEED. No joke.  In fact, Members get UNLIMITED F 🌺 R 🔥 E 💨 E SAMPLES.  Product Listings of each flower and product at Reggie & Drō are going live soon right here on ReggieAndDro.com.  You can “Smoke & Review” by posting your real, honest review and feedback on the Look 👀 Smell 👃Taste 👅 and 💨 Experience of your F 🌺 R 🔥 E 💨 E samples… Then return to Reggie & Drō to get a new free sample every time you leave a new review.

I have OVER 100 Flavors of Flower in house, with fresh new flavors coming in every week… AND YOU’RE INVITED to “Smoke & Review” F 🌺 R 🔥 E 💨 E  Gams of Reggie & Drō ALL YEAR LONG!  You can take your samples home to smoke & review or kick back in the smoking lounge to smoke & review amongst our newest selections of exotic indoor houseplants, groovy music and good vibes, available daily at Reggie & Drō.  🌺🔥💨  See you here!

 —  Jesse Niesen, Owner, Reggie & Drō

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You MUST BE 21+ years old, verified by valid government issued ID and currently subscribed to ReggieAndDro.com to be a Member, Access Club, Purchase Cannabis from Store or Consume Cannabis On Site. 🏡 Club Rules are posted on ReggieAndDro.com home page, and are subject to change. All changes will be emailed to subscribers when updated on homepage. 🚯 NO Marijuana or any other illegal substances. 🚭 NO Tobacco. 🚫 NO Alcohol. ⛔️ NO Weapons. 👎 NO Bad Vibes. 🙏 Respect yourself, all others, products and property at all times. 😎 Enjoy good vibes, good times and have fun!

Reggie & Drō Cannabis Store & Social Club

Reggie & Drō Cannabis Club & Social Club

⛳️ Flagship LOCATION:

👉  DIRECTIONS: Located on the prominent southwest corner of Stone Oak Pkwy and Huebner, behind & between “Sonic” & “7-11”, take the Main Entrance into Stone Oak Crossing Shopping Center from Stone Oak Parkway past “Vida Mia” to Building 4 in the corner to the right of “Y-Bubble” (Bubble Tea) to Suite #403 (number posted above door).

SOFT OPENING June-August, 2022 “Become a Member While It’s FREE & Get IN on the Ground Floor!”

Pe Pe Le Pew CBD Hemp Cannabis Flower

SEE 🤩 and SMELL👃 for Yourself… taste and feel the high quality effects of this Top Shelf AAA Craft Sinsemilla CBD Hemp Flower.

Yes, it looks, smells & smokes better than any of “the real thing” most people in Texas have ever seen.

Come get your 🤯 at Reggie & Drō ✌️

Best CBD Flower

Meet Your 🔌 From Cali… Catch!

I’m Jesse Niesen from Exotic Canopy SolutionsHempress 3 and Hero Hemp. I’m from Rough and Ready, CA. NorCal. Cali. I lived in San Antonio, Texas off and on from 2007-2012. Couldn’t stay away from the delicious taste of BBQ, breakfast tacos and FREEDOM in the Great State of TEXAS!

I’ve returned to SATX to open the first Reggie & Drō, Cannabis Store and Social Club, working directly with a large cannabis consumer base flowing loud exotic gassy bling bling flower in your face.

Discover the best quality for value cannabis hemp flower from all over the world, including top shelf growers growing the best of the best flavors

Benefit from my unfair advantage as I develop new “strains” (legal hemp cultivars) Leading the “Race to the Top Shelf” of Smokable CBD Hemp Flower. 🦄 🎯

Think 🍪 🍪 of Hemp Flower. That’s me. 

Come meet me at the Club in Stōne Ōak, San Antōnio, Texas! 🤙 

**100+ of flavors on deck, plus much more to come; rosin press, dabs, moon rocks vapes, gummies, edibles, drinks, hemp-derived D9, D8, D10, HHC, HHCp, THCO, shit you’ve never heard of, “High From Hemp” Research & Consumer Guide, IG action, pics & flower videos, rap music videos, special events… Mansion Pool Parties & more.  Subscribe to Join the Club!

In-Store Sales ONLY (For Now)

*Online Sales Coming Fall 2022 + GRAND OPENING TBA = Subscribe to Be Notified!

Legally Operating Under Current US Farm Bill, USDA Final Rule, Texas State Statute & DSHS Consumable Hemp Program:

Texas DSHS Consumable Hemp Program

DSHS Consumable Hemp Product License

Manufacturing License #690

DSHS Retail Hemp Registration

License #4451

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Cannabis Flower
CBD Hemp Flower

Hempress 3, bred by cannabis business icon Adam Dunn and acquired by Exotic Canopy Solutions (ECS) in Summer 2019, is a cross of Afghan Skunk x Cannatonic x Abacus.

She is the inspiration behind this “Race to the Top Shelf” for AAA Craft Sinsemilla CBD Hemp Flower.

CBD bud pictured above was grown indoor from ECS Hempress 3 feminized CBD seeds.

The very first “cuttings” (clones) of high-ratio CBD:THC, CBC, Terpene, terpenoid, thiol and flavonoid RICH, Hempress 3 (H3) Special Freak Individual Genotypes with Loud Exotic Fuel Nose, superior structure and Bling-Bling Bag Appeal are coming out of an 24 month breeding project from a game-changing “New Cultivar Development Program” where you can “Name Your Own Strain(s)”, LEGIT.

Many more freak-variant combinations of IDEAL ZaZa Traits to follow… 

Come Get Some!

Buy a gram (g), eighth (1/8 oz), quarter (1/4 oz) or full ounce (oz), even a pound (lb), “box” (100lbs) or “case” (1,000lbs) – Any Amount – I got you.

Step up your flower game with Reggie & Drō!

Terms & Policies

✅ Terms of Service

FREE Shipping Policy

✅ Privacy Policy

✅ Refund & Return Policy: All Sales Are Final. If you did not receive your product please email jesseniesen@gmail.com and we will ship you a replacement or work with the shipping carrier to resolve the issue immediately. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing a superior product and service.

✅ FDA Disclaimer: Pursuant to FDA regulations and restrictions, Reggie & Drō, LLC does not make any claims or guarantees that our products, and specifically CBD derived from industrial hemp, may cure any illnesses or otherwise provide relief from any ailments to a scientific degree of certainty.

Reggie & Drō, LLC Consumable Hemp Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We ask that Reggie & Drō, LLC customers conduct their own research and come to their own conclusion regarding the effectiveness of CBD, CBG, CBC, Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, esters, thiols, volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) and flavonoids produced by Cannabis sativa L PASSED AS INDUSTRIAL HEMP.

Reggie & Drō, LLC operates in full compliance with the Federal Laws of the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill and the USDA Final Rule, and under laws provided in the State of Texas through State Statute and current DSHS Consumable Hemp Product Manufacturing License #609 and Retail Hemp Registration #4451.  Reggie & Drō, LLC only distributes consumable hemp products that have been grown in compliance with federal and state laws from farmers and businesses with the authority and registration thereof, if any, of the U.S. federal laws and the state laws applicable to our suppliers and the State of Texas. All products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

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*YES, YOU CAN get high if you want to.  It’s OK.  We have Cannabis Flower with or without psychoactive effects.  You can smoke just to chill & relax, without getting high, or you can get as high as you want to.  Yes, you can get as high or even higher than smoking marijuana by consuming legal hemp derived intoxicating cannabinoids.  Come learn more about cannabis first hand.  We also have beverages, edibles (gummies & snacks), concentrates (dabs), tinctures, vapes, carts, art & accessories.  Oh, and houseplants too 🙂  See you here! 🌺🔥💨